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About Jasmine

‘Twas the night before Christmas.

(Well, strictly speaking it was the night before the night before Christmas for the rest of the world, since Christmas celebrations starts on Christmas Eve in Sweden, and not Christmas Day. Oh well…)

Anyway, for Jasmine it WAS the night before Christmas (Eve) and she had decided to write a piece about herself to post on her blog whilst waiting for the movie to start on TV. But alas, the words would not come and as time ticked nearer to 9 pm Jasmine started to… well, get a bit pissed off, to be honest. How hard could it be to write a couple of lines about oneself? But then, Jasmine had an epiphany! She would interview herself! That ought to be easy, right? Let’s give it a go!

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Saturday, 21 December 2013

I'm back! I think...

So, it’s been a year since I last updated this blog. Why? Well, life sort of got in the way. Also, the inspiration and motivation just wasn’t there. After a while, I thought about just deleting the blog altogether, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. Just like a lot of other things in my life. Whilst some people are really good at throwing things away, I tend to keep them until I run out of storage and have to chuck it. Like old notepads I’ve used in school or cd’s. Yes, I still have a lot of cds, even though I don’t listen to them… It’s the nostalgia and emotional value, I guess.

Now, however, I’ve got a lot of ideas for this blog, starting with this new design. So stay tuned for more nerdy content!


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