Sunday, 20 May 2012

Favorite of the Week: Star Wars Episode 4-6

I enjoyed a cosy evening last night with rosé wine, crocheting and a mini Star Wars-marathon. Like some other people, I think that the older Star Wars films (episode 4-6) are better than the newer ones. In part because they’re somewhat cult now, and in part because… well, they’re just better movies.
Sure, the CGI is (for obvious reasons) awesome in the later films, but just because a movie is full of special effects it doesn’t automatically make it good. Compare episode 2 (my least favourite of the first episodes) with the fifth film; I’m all for romance, but episode 5 has Lando and the Skycity. I’ll admit that the first part of the movie, on the iceplanet is a bit boring, but still: The Empire Strikes back wins of the two, hands down.

Another thing that makes the older movies better than the others, is Han Solo. He’s definitely on my “fictional characters I want to bang”-list. He’s a bit of a dick, but oh so charming. Besides, I’ve got a thing for the bad guys.

I remember some years ago when me and some friends watch all of the Star Wars movies in one go. We started watching the first episode at 1 pm, went to see episode 3 in the theatre (yes, it was that long ago…), and ended the last film at 4 in the morning. I was so tired by the time we started with episode 6, that I barely could get my eyes open. But it was definitely worth it!

Today's song: "The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I get" - Morrissey.



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