Friday, 9 January 2015

Some of my favourite Android apps

I had a great idea today, when I had the first cup of tea of the day; share my favourite Android apps. That sounds informative and simple, right? Informative, I hope so, but simple? No, not really. I had a hard time trying to narrow down my favourites, there are simple too many apps I use on a daily basis, that I love!

In the end I manage to narrow it down to 5 apps that I really like right now.

Moon+ reader

When I got my first “smartphone” (a Nokia 5230, Symbian OS, not the smartest of smartphones) and started to look at different apps, the first one that I downloaded was an e-book reader. The possibility to read books on my phone was an entirely new experience for me, and I loved it (still love it)! When I got my current phone, the first thing that I did was to try to find the best e-book app. I’ve tested a bunch of different apps, but the one that I’ve been using the longest, and that is my favourite is Moon+ reader. I just love it! It is incredibly easy to add books, change information about the book, it supports a lot of different formats and above all; it is really customizable when it comes to text, colours, background etc.

If you’re looking for a great app for reading e-books, try this one!

Themer Launcher

As a graphic- and webdesign nerd, I want to be able to customize UI on my phone with my own backgrounds, icons etc. I don’t know how many different Android launcher I’ve tried, none of them being close to what I want. About a year ago I found Themer Launcher, and it lets me customize my phone just like I want to. Also, if I’m feeling lazy there are a lot of free themes to download on their website.

(And yes, I know that if I were to root my phone, I could customize it to my heart’s content, but I’m too much of a chicken to do that. If I were to do that, I’m almost certain I would wipe everything on the phone, and it would set itself on fire... It wouldn’t surprise me one bit...)

Microsoft OneNote

Okay, I’ve got a confession to make; I’ve been “addicted” to Microsoft Office for several years, especially “the big three” – Word, Powerpoint and Excel. A couple of years ago I also started using OneNote. It is a great note-taking program, although it is not without its limits, especially when it comes to tables. I use both the desktop program and the app daily. I especially love the ability to colour code different types of notes.


I discovered Soundcloud not too long ago, but I’ve been using it a lot, especially when I exercise. You can find a lot of different “mixtapes” with great music for booty shaking! I also listen to podcasts on Soundcloud, like Sword and Laser. The app might not be as user friendly as the website, but once you know how the website works, you’ll figure the app out quickly enough.


I’ve been using Pinterest like crazy for the past year, and a couple of months ago I installed the app. And just like the website, the app is really user friendly, easy to navigate with a clean UI. If you use Pinterest a lot, you need to get the app right now!

There is one more app that I use every day that I’ve not talked about here, and that’s Spotify. It felt like a given, for me.

Any apps you think I should try?

Song of the day: “Not In That Way” by Sam Smith. Beautiful!



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