Tuesday, 3 April 2012

5 things to do when you're bored

Here’s some tips on things to do when you’ve got nothing to do/doesn’t want to do the things you should be doing/wants a challenge. Some of the tips involve a computer, whilst others just demand that you’re somewhere, with or without some things and at some point.

Let me just point out, in case some of you don’t get my weird and slightly twisted sense of humour, that I’m not serious about this list. Not entirely anyway….

1.Look up a lot of unnecessary facts on Wikipedia, eg:
- Where the Mentawai Islands are located
- When the dildo was invented and by whom
- How fusion power really works
- Which tram line to take when going from Bordet station to Rogier in Brussel.

2. Don’t know what to do with the next four years? Why not write a dissertation?
Suggestions on ”interesting” subjects:
- The origin of the teaspoon
- Why all the queues except the one you’re in always moves faster (tip! Little’s law)
- How long one can survive on a jar of ravioli, two pears and a dead mouse

3.Close your eyes and pick three random objects in your room, and play MacGyver. What can you make out of these objects? Can you make a weapon out of post-its, a cellphone charger and a pot plant? The answer to that question is, according to MacGyver himself, of course yes!

4. Try to refute Newton’s law of gravitation. But how do you do that? Let me give you some advice; start off with small, light objects from low heights and work upwards. That should do the trick… or maybe not…

5. Grab every magazine, newspaper and books that you have in the vicinity. Now try to put together your own story by cutting the newspapers etc and paste onto a blank paper. Depending on how much time you/patience/”crazyness” you have you can do it in a number of different ways:
- Cut out entire sentences and try to come up with a serious story
- Only cut out separate words and try to devise new phrases.
- Cut out separate letters and put together to words and sentences (like you do….). To make it extra time consuming you can invent your own language.

That's all for now, folks!


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