Tuesday, 8 May 2012

12 things that make you a LoTR nerd

Until I’ve finished my next book review, I thought I’d share a list of some signs of you being a real Lord of the Rings-nerd. Enjoy!

1. You don’t trust advice from people who isn’t an old man with long, grey hair who carries a staff.

2. All your passwords include the word “Mellon”.

3. You know the history of the Middle Earth better than the history of your own country.

4. You would never marry someone who doesn’t want to name your future children to Arwen, Faramir or some other name from LoTR.

5. You own only one ring, which you carry around your neck in a necklace. Whenever you’ve lost it you’ve been convinced that the world would end and that it would have been your fault, since you were unable to keep the ring from the forces of evil.

6. You spend every warm, summer evening in the grass, barefoot with a beer in one hand and a pipe in the corner of your mouth.

7. You refuse to see the LoTR films, unless it’s the extended versions.

8. You only hang out in groups of 9 persons. No more, no less.

9. Whenever people pick on Gollum, you get offended since, according to you, Gollum is a misunderstood character.

10. Every time you read the word “Eleven”, you think it says “Elven”.

11. Every masquerade you’ve ever been to, you’ve dress up as one of the characters from the books. Never the same character twice, of course.

12. You've changed your surname to Gamgi.



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